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Real-time feed

Get 24/7 access to all the camera feeds in near real-time. May it be a stolen purse, vandals or even worse - feeds from our system will help you to act upon these threats.

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Our open architecture and interfaces enable sharing our feeds or other data with security, local law enforcement and other necessary forces to deal with potential threats or events.

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Alert system

Vehicles with our Security System are equipped with Silent Alarm. Driver can use this to alert the dispatcher and law enforcement to many different events in the vehicle. These alerts come with fully customizable audio and graphics settings.

Have access to all the recordings and live feed of your operation in one application no matter whether it is from your vehicles, shops, stations, public areas or other places. Use the filters to allow you to show content by vehicles, locations or time and date, saving you time on those urgent situations. With simple user interface giving focus only to important situations.

Silent alarm is located in the bus cockpit. This allows dispatchers or local law enforcement to be alerted to various threats in the vehicle, bus stop or station or in your customer center with the push of a button.

Our HD cameras with industrial protection lets you automatically download or stream live security footage from any installed camera reliably and in near real-time. This ensures a secure public transportation environment.

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