What is SMART City

A SMART city is an area which uses different types of sensors to collect data. That data is being used to improve quality of life and serve citizens of the city. Data can be collected from citizens, buildings and other assets, with one of them being public transport. 

Thanks to our open systems we are able to connect and stream data from sensors and devices used in public transport to integrate the transport services into SMART city.

With our systems you will be able to stream data to operators, dispatchers, traffic lights, citizens and local law enforcement and government authorities to ensure a smooth and secure service.

How can EMtest software solutions help?

EMlines WERTYZ is an open architecture dispatcher, passenger and reporting system which ensures a smooth operation of public transport in a chosen area. This system is modular and scalable, so it can cover different types of operations up to a scale of a whole country. 

Thanks to the open architecture you are able to interconnect WERTYZ with other city services and sensors.

What hardware is available?

EMtest’s line of hardware (EMware) contains all kinds of devices used in public transport. All of these devices are, again, built with open system in mind, so all data is available for processing. May it be calculating an income by line, vehicle or driver or predictive maintenance scheduling.

EMware also contains a range of SMART Infopoints which can be used in city for tourism, various city announcements, public transport and local events tickets and advertising.  Learn more. or contact us via a form in the footer.

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